A Trip To The Sublime Abode Of Snow- Kulu Manali

Kulu Manali

A Trip To The Sublime Abode Of Snow- Kulu Manali

Recharging the batteries does not always relate to gadgets but to dear life as well. So, when a group of buddies decided to give its daily hectic schedule a well-deserved break, the unanimous choice was escaping to the abode of snow – the magnificent and serene Himachal Pradesh or to be more specific – the sublime valleys of Kulu Manali. Located at about 2050 metres, the twin valleys famous as tourist paradise present a gamut of surprises – from skiing in the scenic Solang valley to trekking in the rugged but beauteous Parvati valley. The Manali valley serves as a gateway to Lahaul and Spiti districts of Leh through the world’s highest motorable pass, the Rohtang pass.

The very mention of Kullu and Manali brings an innate calm that the denizens of cities always aspire for. And given Hyderabad’s tag as a heated cauldron, escaping to the cool climes of Kulu Manali came as a welcome relief.

Kulu Manali:

Even though famous as a honeymooners’ paradise, the group of buddies from Hyderabad had a rollicking time – be it while travelling all the way from Hyderabad or during its stay in the picturesque destination. The group couldn’t believe their eyes when faced with the sight of snow strewn all around them.

The mounds of snowflakes brought out the child in everyone as they relished making cannon balls and throwing at each other – reminiscent of Shammi Kapoor of yore a la Jungle. Furthermore, the flow of adrenaline knew no bounds when everyone got onto dinghies to have a shot at drafting on the cold and gurgling Beas. As is the norm nowadays, there was a surfeit of selfies, defies and groupies where the occasion was canned for posterity. The trip helped recharge our batteries and spawned memories that will remain with each one of us – for a long time.


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