Yoga for Better Sleep Your 10 Minutes Workout Before You Go to Bed


Yoga for Better Sleep Your 10 Minutes Workout Before You Go to Bed

A study found that all but 70 million of Americans at the present time suffering from various sleep issues or sleep problems, often called insomnia. It is clear that the majority of us need to evaluate our night shutdown routine. Whether to count sheep or to ship that cup of chamomile is not really doing you any favour, you sometimes like to consider downward dogging your way to REM (Rapid Eye Movement). By associating a few key yoga postures into your sleeping time or before you go to bed, you can grab some serious results.

The meditative elements of yoga can help you tune your day-to-day stress, anxiety, sleep disorder or insomnia. Yoga can calm your mind, create awareness to breathing and so on – help you fall asleep faster, easier and sleep better at night time.



Here we have discussed 5 important moves, better to say yoga poses help you relax from inside out before you sleep. What is the best part of it? Yes, you can practice yoga poses in bed!

  • Hare Pose – A gentle forward bend poses well for the digestive system. It helps promote digestion. Research has proved that proper digestion is one of the essential things to keep your tummy calm and help you for better sleep. This yoga pose increases blood flows into your brand, so in the time of sleeping at night, you will feel calmer and more relaxed.practice yoga
  • Seated Forward Bend Pose – In Sanskrit, this pose is called Paschimottanasana or the forward bend, a great pose of the sound sleep. When you move into the posture, after you complete the hare pose to enhance the blood flow to your brain and start doing this pose, you will feel easier, calmer and relaxed. Your brain wave will change and feel sleepy.
  • Head to Knee Pose – In Sanskrit, head to knee pose is called Janusirsasana, a widely accepted pose for sleeplessness, less sleep and insomnia. Yoga experts believe this is an ideal pose for people suffering from sleeplessness. It is a whole body stretching posture helps in calming as well as soothing your body and mind.
  • Simple Inversion – Another name of simple inversion pose is Vipareeta Karni Mudra. One of the most effective and simplest yoga in the entire yoga style, but beneficial for calming the mind and easing the stress. Regular practice can improve your digestion system, good for the waistline and manage your thyroid glands, which is trigger insomnia.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing – Alternate Nostril Breathing is not a yoga, a Pranayama or breathing exercise, but it comes under this five yoga poses when you think of yoga to cure sleeplessness. It is a classic breathing practice well known for its excellent stress busting and calming effects. It is advised, you should practice yoga pose without Kumbhaka or the retention of the breath, as your aim to calm the mind and body, so that you get better sleep at night.

Whether you habitually don’t get good sleep or sound sleep at night, chances are that you might be ageing faster than you should be, you are not feeling well and having many other sufferings in life. In this condition, yoga could be your solution. These days, millions of people all across the globe are suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness, but you should not afraid of if you are in the same condition. The described yoga poses above help you a lot and you will get better results by regular practising.


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