Why Is Subconscious Mind Powerful And Effective Than Conscious Mind?

Subconscious Mind

Understanding The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Its Effects

Your mind classified into three parts, conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Your Subconscious Mind is a huge bank of memory, where most of its parts are hidden. The capacity of the Subconscious Mind is virtually limitless, If you can able to access the different dimensions of Subconscious Mind it helps you for Personal Development and Self Growth. It can permanently keep all the things that ever happen to you and your surroundings. Research has proved that by the time a person reaches the age of 21 years, he or her already permanently kept more than one thousand times the happenings of the total Encyclopedia Britannica. Now you can understand how powerful your subconscious mind is?

The Function of Your Subconscious Mind:

subconscious mind

It is also proved by various studies that your unconscious mind or memory is virtually perfect. It is sometimes said your conscious remembering that is suspect cannot capture of identifying what your Subconscious Mind is gathering. The main function of one’s subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. Its job is to ensure that you are the person who responds exactly the way it is programmed. Your subconscious mind is the master programmer. Though you are the programmer of your mind, it is hard to control by you even.

What Exactly the Subconscious Mind Is?

subconscious mind

It is nothing but a memory bank as discussed before. It can hold and retrieve huge data, information and happenings that one’s conscious mind cannot. It is a storehouse of all information, events or happenings in life. If you want to know the power of your mind, you should know conscious, subconscious and unconscious all the parts of the mind. Your Subconscious Mind is nothing but subjective in nature. It does not think or give you the reason independently. It hardly obeys your commands or instructions that receive from your conscious mind.

What is Conscious Mind and Its Difference?

Just as your conscious mind thinks of doing gardening, planting, nurturing and so on, your Subconscious Mind thinks a garden, plant, nurturing with fertile soil and grow and much, much more. It is proved that your conscious Mind gathers information and repeats it back when it is conscious when you are awake. But when you are not conscious or unconscious it does not give you any signal, because it became unconscious.

When you are awake you are conscious and when you are not you are unconscious. But when you are awake your subconscious is awake when you are unconscious your subconscious works the same way. For example, when you are in the dream, neither you conscious nor unconscious, but you are subconscious and your brain level is active to its highest limit.

  • Your conscious mind throws a command and your Subconscious Mind obeys it.

Are Subconscious and Unconscious Mind the Same Thing? 

According to Sigmund Freud, the Subconscious Mind is larger than the unconscious mind. It is slightly larger or refers to as the subconscious or preconscious stage. It is a big one compared to the unconscious mind and its capabilities, say 50-60 percent larger than your original brain capacities.

Many people do not understand the basic difference between subconscious and unconscious mind. Here we will make it clear and familiar to you. The subconscious is one of the most important parts of your mind that operates without your consciousness, and do not have active control on it. The part of your mind and brain which creates dream is an instance of the Subconscious Mind. On the other hand, your unconscious mind is the opposite part of your conscious mind.

Are Dreams the Part of Your Subconscious Mind?

subconscious mind

Yes, researches have been conducted on Subconscious Mind and dream. Researchers have found that dreams are somehow connected with the subconscious mind. They are the outcomes of the subconscious mind. A person who is dreaming cannot tell what he or she wants to dream today. Can you tell that? It is your conscious mind working today that reflects in your mind and you may or may not dream. But when you sleep, you do not call up yourself, whether you are sleeping or dreaming where your Subconscious Mind works.

Is Subconscious Mind Is Powerful and Effective Than Conscious Mind?

Now we will discuss the biggest thing in this mind chapter. The majority of people believe Subconscious Mind is powerful than the conscious mind. If it is, then why is subconscious mind powerful and effective than conscious mind? Yes, few things make the subconscious mind more powerful. Let us read about that.

Subconscious mind

  • It is a Bank of Beliefs – You have certainly some strong beliefs and you certainly do not want to break them. If you like to, then you know who hard to break them. It is your subconscious state that forces you to take the action on a belief you have in mind. It is the bank of beliefs and faiths.
  • It Controls Your Emotions – Your subconscious state of mind controls your emotions. It is the source of all the emotions you have in mind. If it wants you to jump to an emotion, it can motivate you. Though it is you who controls his or her emotions and your mind is instructing, that is you are instructing your mind to do that. It controls your behaviour as well.
  • It has unlimited power of processingthe Subconscious mind is very powerful. It has unlimited power for processing information and send them to your conscious mind. Few Yogis are there, who use the subconscious mind in their life to make the life more meaningful and healthy. The conscious mind can focus few things at a time, but subconscious mind can focus a lot of things at a time. It controls emotion, sentiment, perception, ego, behaviour and a lot of things that one has.

You should consider your subconscious state a totally independent person. If you want to convince that person, instructor obey certain arguments, you need to have yogic control over your mind, and that can only possible with the exercise of mind and meditation. After a long year of practice of your mind and body, you will be able to instruct and enjoy the power of the subconscious mind with your logic. It will surely grant your all requests.


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