Nokia 3310 Is Back in 2017


Nokia 3310 Is Back in 2017

Now it is the time to cheers again with Nokia, one of the most trusted brands for all time. Indian would be glad having their phones again manufactured by Nokia. The rumours spread many times last year that Nokia is coming or not, whether Nokia has come with the bunch of new smart and basic phones for their existing customers and some new look phones with all new featured smartphones that they love. You, me and others also waiting for the same for sure, as we know Nokia is one of the most trusted brands for all time.

Nokia 3310

The great number of people felt very sad when they heard that Nokia has gone from India or have taken over by another company. They would never see their cool Nokia phone and time to forget their nice brand. Now the time to enjoy again, where you are going to see your old brand has come up with a new device Nokia 3310, which is about to launch this year-end. Now, we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages you get with this new Nokia 3310.

The Advantages of Having 3310 handset

  • Compared to today’s smartphones and other basic phones available on the market, this Nokia 3310 phone’s battery life is just excellent. It can last up to 1-month standby.
  • It has 1200mAh battery that lasts up to 22 hours of talk time.
  • Now it is the time to play with your favourite snake game. You probably remember those days when you used to play snake game hours and hours, now with this handset, you will get your favourite snake game.
  • Nokia’s phone is known for its toughness. It is not an exception. It is enough tough, strong design and given a glamorous look.
  • It comes with an affordable price of Rs. 3310 INR.
  • Nice display and good look and coming with many colours, like yellow, red and off white.

The Disadvantages of Having 3310 handset

Nokia 3310

  • You do not get any Jio support or fast internet speed with this phone, though the 2G support is available.
  • The phone does not support applications. It is a disadvantage from other phones, where with the same price you can buy other smartphones that support same applications.
  • Without having a front camera you will see this phone a great disadvantage, where other phones are providing the same for the same price.
  • The resolution 48×48 is not a big gun phone provides. So you have some disadvantages with this phone.

Though there are many different drawbacks come with this new phone brought to you by Nokia, but the brand is one that you like to buy with your phone, and Nokia is second to none. If you are fond of a basic phone with the features it is offering and not a smartphone geek, then this phone can surely give you a smart experience. You should go for it.


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