Neeye Tamil Romantic Musical Dance Video Will Blow Your Mind

Neeye Tamil

Neeye Tamil Musical Dance Your Way Into Tthe Heart Of Your Beloved:

Steadily climbing the charts the music and dance video, Neeye in Tamil has received rave reviews from music aficionados. It shows two protagonists essaying a contemporary dance form who in the process of learning, develop a mutual attraction for each other. In a throwback to the nineties when musical videos emerged as a distinct segment away from film music, Neeye seems to capture the innocence of a budding romance through music and contemporary dance form.

The video has been shot in a number of locations across Bengaluru at places such as Whitefield and Sarjapur Road showing locales like a sports arena, an apartment terrace and a theatre.

 Neeye Tamil:

Originally conceived in Tamil before being made in Telugu and Kannada as well, Neeye has been directed by Gomtesh Upadhye in collaboration with Phani Kalyan, the music director. Gomtesh and Phani had cut their teeth in films with Gomtesh having worked as an assistance director in Pawan Kumar’s Kannada film, U-Turn. On the other hand, Phani Kalyan had studied at the A.R. Rehman’s K.M. Music Conservatory before composing music for two Tamil films.

The actors belong to a Bengaluru-based dance troupe known as Nritarutya, and are adept in contemporary dance form as well as gymnastics – more than evident from their synchronous swaying to the beats of music. The lead pair of Niranjan Harish and Shreya Deshpande was taught the rhythmic dance steps by choreographer, Vishwakiran Nambi, also from Nritarutya. The video is an attempt to popularise the genre of musical videos of yore and has received tremendous response from viewers. The Tamil lyrics of the song has been penned by Arivu and sung by the duo of Yasin Nizar and Sharanya Srinivas.

Importantly, the makers of this video have raised around Rs. 1.80 lakhs from the crowd funding platform, ZingoHub to improve its production quality.



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