Mysterious secrets of dreams, why do we get dreams, how dreams work?

Secrets Of Dreams

Discover the Secrets of Dreams and Its Relation to Subconscious Mind

A dream is nothing but a succession of images, emotions or ideas and often called sensations that usually happen involuntarily in mind in all people’s sleep. Dream comes during a particular stage of sleep. Some believe the dream is connected with our subconscious mind. We cannot control our dream. The content, as well as purpose of the dream, are not completely understood, albeit they have been a subject matter of scientific speculation. Some people think the dream is a chapter of philosophical as well as religious interest. Oneirology is the scientific matter of the dream.

Why We Get Dreams?


There is not scientific theory exist that proved this or that way dream happens or the cause of dream. It is said by many dream researchers or psychologists that dream mainly occurs in the REM stage of sleep, which is called rapid eye movement. In this stage, the animal brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. This stage is said by continuous movements of the eyes in the time of sleep. Research shows, at times, the dream may happen during other stages of sleep.

The Secrets of Dreams

Secrets Of Dreams

Though, many psychologists believe we get dreams for many reasons. The reasons can be of various types. Because dream varies from person to person, sometimes it happens due to rapid-eye movement of the person and sometimes not. It depends on of the capacity of the person’s conscious and subconscious mind as a whole. We have described here five most important reasons why people dream. Let us read.

  1. You Can Start the Dream Countdown – Some people are there in the world, who can call up the vivid dream, some say, they cannot remember. Some people dream in colour and some in black and white, though dream has no colour. It is a human brain through the subconscious level colour the dream. Some say the colourful dream is nothing but a hallucination. This is the first Secrets of Dreams.
  2. Compensation of Dream – The second Secrets of Dreams is compensation. It is not the general compensation we usually do. It is the compensation of your mind. When you dream every night you certainly feel slow and lazy, weak in the whole day and may not get enough motivation to work. The research found that people who dream every day or every alternate day may not have sound sleep.
  3. Copying the Dream Mechanism – Dream varies from place to place, situation to situation and certainly from person to person. When you are running from a stressful situation your dream would be different, so copying up the dream mechanism is important and the fundamental Secrets of Dreams.
  4. Memory and Information Processing – Dream process certain information through memory. Dreamers believe they usually get normal and abnormal information in the dream and try to memorise the information but usually, forget them.
  5. Resolution of Dream – Dream cannot be easily resolute. If you consult with an expert of dream or dream researcher, you certainly come to know the Secrets of Dreams and how to resolute them.

Secrets of Dreams

How Dream Works:

As discussed dream normally works in your REM stage of sleep, often called rapid-eye movement. This is a scientific thing normally discussed in sleeping. Though, sleep and dream are interconnected with each other. There is no scientific evidence found how dream works and the Secrets of Dreams. Neither many researchers are interested in analysing dream nor jot down their ideas. Many believe some normal things happen due to the reason dream works. Let us see how dream works.

  • Dream works in REM stage (Rapid Eye Movement).
  • People usually dream when then jot down some ideas in their subconscious mind.
  • The Secrets of Dreams are unknown, but many believe this happens in sound sleep, but disturb the sleep movement.
  • Dream works from conscious to the subconscious to the conscious stage.
  • Dream works in subconscious mind but most of the people cannot call up their dream. If few of them call up, they soon forget their dream.

It is true that everyone dream, not only human but also other animals. The Secrets of Dreams can be positive or negative, but most of us dream from the time we born till we die. Our mind constantly produces dream in various ways and various stages. This thing happens when our body and brain take rest. The dream is said a symbolic language or code that designed to interact your inner wisdom to you while you are in deep sleep. The part of your subconscious mind that processes dream send a message to your mind when you asleep and it becomes visible in your mind.




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