Make A Career Choice Of Your Calling- Encouraging Speech

Make A Career Choice Of Your Calling

Make A Career Choice Of Your Calling- Encouraging Speech:

Making the correct career choice has often pitted children against their parents. The clash of ideologies vis-a-vis choosing a career brings into sharp focus the deep chasm that exists between generations. This aspect was discussed in a question and answer session where noted actor and motivational speaker, R. Madhavan was present. On being asked by a student as to how he would advise parents who are often seen to thrust their ‘career choices’ on their children, Mr Madhavan advised the student community per se to understand the psyche of parents. According to him, parents always want the best for their children and based on their life experiences, want their wards to follow careers that would make them successful and settled.

How To Perceive Career- Inspirational Speech By R. Madhavan

Make A Career Choice Of Your Calling:

The actor told that in the pre-Internet era career choices were limited to a few locations only, such as engineering, medicine, law, accountancy or family business. And so, for the parents, choosing the right career option for their children often veer around the above-mentioned locations only. However, given the growth in technologies such as the Internet and smartphones, there exists a raft of career options that the earlier generation does not know about. To prove his point, Mr Madhavan explained how a hair stylist – probably not known to the previous generation, could earn good enough money – the money that even budding engineers would dream to earn. He also told about some of his oil engineer friends who earn obscene amounts of money just for the consultation.


In one were to summarise Mr R. Madhavan’s reply in the QA session, today’s students should be well aware of the various career options including the non-traditional ones, and choose the ones where they find their true calling. They should not harbour a tunnel vision vis-a-vis choosing a career and should impress upon their parents of the choices they make.


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