What Is Internet Of Things (IoT)? What The Future Of IoT Would Be Like?

Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things (IoT)

What Is Internet Of Things? The notion of IoT is broadly in use now. It can be described as a connection, relationship or association between people -people, people -things and things-things. It talks about the connection between the internet and things which can be turned on and off with a switch due to the existence of the connection. It includes smart phones, fridge, Air Conditioner, television and even submarines and drill of an oil rig. Gartner, a technology and research industry, declares that by 2020 there will be more than 26 billion linked devices.

How Impacts on Us

A simple and real–life example of thing-thing connection is linking your Air Conditioner to your smart phone so you can switch it one before you arrive home. Another odd is that your alarm clock can send orders to your toaster and coffee machine to get your breakfast ready on time.

Such links seem to open up a number of opportunities as well as challenges. Security becomes highly susceptible in such cases. Take, for instance, if someone gets access to your toaster, it may provide to chance to hack into your phone, laptop and other connected devices.

By keeping a track of the comings and goings, one can predict what the future of IoT holds for human race-

  1. IoT and wearables

Today, wearable technology has become our doctor, physical trainer, and mentor. These are small electronic devices which can be worn as accessories on our body.  Though it has been in personal usage for long, Wearables have a strong future in the workplace as they would boost the efficiency of businesses.  However, since wearables is a part of Internet of Things, it is probable that if someone had access to your smart watch will eventually hack into your smart phone and perhaps the social media accounts therein.

  1. Hacking will be wider

Internet Of Things

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The first ever IoT malware to take place was in October 2016, where the malware accessed the gadgets using default password and usernames. Connected devices like digital video recorders and security cameras were targeted. This malware brought huge website hosting companies and well-known websites to arrest for many hours. Hence, if the network of connections is going to be larger, then in the case of hacking the contamination will be wider.

  1. Connected transportation

This will make possible marvellous efficiencies and safety developments. For example, in case you are getting late for work, you will know the exact route to take to save time. A study by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a Government agency in the US, stated that Tesla cars when in autopilot mode, have 40% fewer crashes.

  1. Healthcare

Internet Of Things

With more accuracy and convenience, IoT links will prove to be advantageous for both patients and hospitals. Sensors will alert patients and hospitals of any bad signs. Thus, it’ll save needless hospital admissions and save money.

The market for IoT devices is endless. Hence, the notion becoming the reality seems to be inevitable.


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