Beyond Gaming – How Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Change the World


Beyond Gaming – How Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Change the World 

Virtual Reality or VR has been with us for a couple of years – at least as an idea – but the VR technology has now come of age. Hope you have enough time to come across with Virtual Reality Smartphone headset. And it is not just for avid gamers who are benefitting from the immersive possibilities the VR offers. Some of the well-known experts, like Mark Bolas, Palmer Luckey came to the BBC World Service Inquiry Program and participated in a technology discussion about the future of gaming – the future of Virtual Reality and how it changed the gaming world.

Herewe have concentrated how VR change the world not just the world of gaming. From the popular World Cup to the outer space, now we will discuss how VR (Virtual Reality) is changing the world. So we have discussed the top five ways Virtual Reality will change the entire world.


How Virtual Reality is Changing the World

As of now, most of us well aware of VR and how it is changing the gaming, but the systems, such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and at present time Samsung Gear VR already gained enormous potential beyond the entertainment. Is one question popping up in your mind? What is the attraction of VR headsets? The big attraction of VR or Virtual Reality headsets is the ability to feel as for whether you are within a gaming environment if that is really exploring the massive immersive world or just executing the swarms of dirties in all manner of rude and amazing ways. Let us see the top five important ways of Virtual Tours.


  • Film Making – The given fact is that the majority of latest blockbusters are totally computer-generated nonsensical eye-catching. It is not very much of a leap to know their rendered worlds, and why they are becoming virtual reality playgrounds. These days, Comic-Con Director Guillermo del Toro demoed the nice experience of tattling a Kaiju side by side the great actor Charlie Hunnam is a Pacific Rim’s giant robots.virtual-reality-3
  • Virtual Tours – As you have seen the virtual tours.It has shown that VR could be utilised for the serene as well as sedate explorations of real life environment and this is something for which you like to visit to exploit.

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  • Healthcare – Virtual Reality is using widely in the field of healthcare. For sure, the most benevolent utilise of OculusRift that was in the healthcare profession. It is also utilised by the institute of Creative Technology at the University of SC i.e. Southern California for the treatment of the post-traumatic disorder. Children who are suffering from autism can also benefit from these similar techniques. virtual-reality-4



  • Body Hacks – One of the lucrative things we have ever seen that a woman was dancing around in mum’s underwear. Anyways, a student of Imperial College of London engineered a system whereby anyone can swap the body utilizing the Oculus Rift. Here an individual dons the headset, while another individual is equipped with diodes around his body.


  • Marketing – A big thing for all time, as you have come across that the augmented reality has become a major part of marketing. Virtual experience, though, represents a smart future for selling all types of tat to people. For example, Coca-Cola has just embraced the technology with its World Cup experience that invited people to take a smart journey from the locker room to the centre pitch in a bold virtual recreation of Brazil’s Maracana Stadium.

Last, but certainly not the least, here you can understand how VR technology has exploded in today’s fast developing world, where the majority of people can enjoy making the most of the innovative technology.


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