How to Deal and Cure Stress & Depression Practicing Pranayama

practicing pranayama

How to Deal and Cure Stress & Depression Practicing Pranayama

Yoga and Pranayama play an essential role in our life. Yoga and Pranayama help us become healthy from body and mind. There are seven important pranama or breathing exercises accepted widely that the majority of people follow for reducing or managing stress and anxiety. These pranayamas are helpful in removing the toxin from blood and providing positive energy. Pranayama brings stability, calms the mind, improves blood circulation, cures depression, reduces stress and anxiety. You can deal stress with pranayama with the help of a yoga and pranayama teacher. Albeit in this article, we have focused on stress management practicing pranayama.

Stress is natural to man and the desire to manage stress is the common thing in people. These days, a majority of people in the world are suffering from stress, tension, depression and anxiety. Stress and depression are two most common among other issues, though it is easy to cure by practicing pranayama. Sometimes stress is called a disease and often called a lifestyle disorder, though the exact reason behind the stress is not known, but it can be biological, psychological or social.


Before diving deep in the subject matter of pranayama and stress, we like to go through some important things about the stress – its causes.

  • Hectic, stressful lifestyle and sometimes hard and fast competition in life
  • Life is full of stress for relationship breakup, divorce, death, problems related to job and others.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the most common things for stress.

Balanced Breathing or Sama Vritti:

As the name suggests, balanced breathing, you could use a little balance with this pose or pranayama. This is a very simple or basic of breathing exercise for beginners that can be done anytime, anywhere. Balanced breathing or Sama Vritti will help you calm your body and focus your mind from inside out.

Practice yoga 10 minutes a day


Abdominal Breathing or Adham Pranayama:

In the time you are stressed or feel that way, this breathing exercise is good for you. When you feel stressed, your breathing tends to be very shallow. Then you can try Adam pranayama that helps you naturally deepen the breath, calm down and stabilise your mood.

Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Shodana:

In Yoga and Pranayama, Nadi Shoddana often called alternate nostril breathing, which is thought to be one of the most important as well as finest things to cure all types of stresses and tensions from mind and body. This practicing pranayama can open all of your energy channels and bring calming effect as well as balance to the mind.


Humming Bee Breath or Brahmari Pranayama:

Brahmari may sound or look something strange at the first time, especially for beginners who have not tried pranayama at least once in life, but if you practice this pranayama then you will something different, the immediate calming effects of this pranayama will give you a stress relief feeling in mind, which is the best part of this pranayama. This pranayama is especially great before you go to bed, whether you cannot sleep.

The beautiful shapes, as well as contortions of the physical poses, might be very exciting to see, where pranayama are not like that, but believe us, pranayama is one of the most effective exercises that can give you lot more things as discussed above. practicing pranayama or breathing exercise is equally essential as well as beneficial part of yoga. You can deal stress with pranayama, in fact, a great tool for curing stress and depression.


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