Google Allo The Smart Messaging Application to Say More and Do More


Google Allo

Google Allo often known as Allo is one of the most popular instant messaging mobile application developed by Google that everyone knows. It normally includes a virtual assistant as well as provides a quick and smart reply function, which allows the users to send and receive reply messages with sure automatic suggestions in lieu of typing. This application is available on Android and IOS. Prior to launching Google Allo the emphasis on messages has been stored or given in a non-identifiable form that is one of the big things Google found.


The best thing is that in the time of launch the privacy was comprehensively rolled back with the company itself that is Google. Now Google is keeping the logs of the message that is indefinitely or unless and until the user who deletes messages, and in an effort to enhance the application features. In addition, the advocate of privacy Edward Snowden was a bit critical of Google Allo utilising the unencrypted chat messages that would be the opt for the feature for the purpose of full encryption instead of total encrypted that is the default.

Google Allo is great no doubt:

Why Google Allo is great, It’s smart reply features as well as functions use the Google’s machine learning technology. This outstanding feature also analyse the perfect image that sends to the users in order to suggest and maintain the characteristic seen in Google’s inbox application. It helps you learn the user behaviour to adapt the suggestion over the time. Google’s Allo is nothing but an application that supports Google Assistant, which is a powerful conversational virtual assistant. It also helps the user to increase as well as decrease the size of the message that help represents. It lets the user draw on images or pictures prior to sending them.


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