French Space Institute Announced To Pay $17,000 To Lie Back For 60 Days

French space institute

French space institute Announced to Pay $17,000 To Lie Back for 60 Days

French space institute is one of the renowned space institutes in the world. Researchers at the institute of space medicine have recently announced that they are willing to pay to people who are able to lie on their backs for 60 days at least straight. It is really an amazing to listen when you get a chance to lie back on them for 2 months time and you are about to get 17,000 dollars for this attainment. Albeit, this could not be the achievement, it is a challenge that has thrown by the French space institute and it is a part of their research as well.

Why Did They Such Announcement?

French space institute

The greater number of people, think why French space institute has accounted such thing and what are the benefits of doing or paying this? This question can be a research oriented and general people somehow do not understand. The main reason is that they are thinking to conduct a study of the effects of microgravity or a state of real virtual weightlessness. This research has been conducted, better to say about to conduct for a nice thing on behalf of the French researchers.

Importance of the Research

The importance of this research that has been conducted by French space institute is, the institute is looking for at least 24 candidates and all candidates are male. Their age group is between 20 and 45 years. They were the body mass of 22 and 27 respectively and were non-smokers. They must know have any allergies or allergic reaction on the body. The research would be followed by a 2 month time during which people would remain in bed and their head would be inclined downward slightly that is expected less than 6 degrees.


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