Facebook at Work to take on LinkedIn and Google Drive

Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work:

Facebook shares a highest social graph of the people across the world. Till today the usage of Facebook was limited to sharing personal photos and videos. Stepping forward, the company wants to become a place where the work gets done. A new website namely Facebook at work is being developed by the team. The aim of developing this site is to compete with networking sites LinkedIn and Google drive so, the site is going to come with the mixed features of both networking sites.

Even the new website is going to look like a current version of the Facebook which includes a news feed and ability to create groups while you can chat with your colleagues, collaborate over documents and connect with contacts. The best part of the new website is it allows the users to keep their political rants, silly videos and personal photos separate from their work identity.

Facebook is releasing its new product with the aim to compete for popular business network LinkedIn with 90 million active users every month. It also aims to with the completion of Google drive by enclosing email chat features.

To become the leader and integral part of office life Facebook may have to win the trust of the companies which conduct the confidential conversation and share important documents on the site. No business would want to share this information with the external world. How far will the business organisations be willing to share their confidential information on the social networking site? The answer for the same is awaited because most of the companies would not like their confidential information to fall into the hands of rivals. The companies may also be concerned about hampering the productivity of the employees as they may indulge in checking the personal news feed and gossips on the Facebook.

The site has developed with its roots somewhere with the aim of connecting the students and has emerged as one of the biggest social networking site in the world 1.3 billion logging each month where 2/3rd of them are active every day on the site. Now the company is working with the aim of connecting everyone and building the knowledge economy.

The company is often criticised by many for its privacy options in handling the date and it is trying to rebuild its reputation by changing the default to a more private setting. CEO of the company said that it is going to be an important cultural shift for the company. Last year, Facebook security was enhanced by roll out encryption by default.

Employees of Facebook are already using the site for quite some time and the company is unlikely to charge for the usage of the website at least for its initial use to boost the amount of the time spent on the platform. The companies that banned the usage of the Facebook at the workstation will now encourage using it if everything moves as expected.


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