Drink Your Food And Chew Your Water- An Extraordinary Speech By R. Madhavan.

Drink Your Food And Chew Your Water

Drink Your Food And Chew Your Water- An Extraordinary Speech By R. Madhavan.

Life is all about enjoying the very moment one is in rather than thinking about the tangibles or otherwise that are to be expected in future. And the way we conduct ourselves in life – be it by reacting to emergent situations or through the display of particular traits of temperament – is mainly determined by the food we consume. These aphorisms were explained in a lucid way by the noted actor cum motivational speaker, R. Madhavan in a seminar conducted by Radiant Wellness. In the seminar, Madhavan dwelt upon the learning he received at a wellness camp in Austria.


He recalled how he was made aware of the concept of enjoying every moment of one’s life through a simple activity. During the breakfast, everyone was asked to partake a few slices of bread and a bowl of soup in a way that meant, ‘drink your food and chew your water.’ This activity was explained thus, ‘chew the bread so hard that it becomes a liquid that one could drink, and relish the soup as a solid food instead of just gulping it down.’ In a style that was often laced with humour, Madhavan elucidated in a matter of fact way the inability of eating our food beyond a point to the conditioning of our brain, which in turn is shaped by the type of food we eat.

How to Drink Your Food And Chew Your Water: 

The fact that food determines our behaviour was explained by juxtaposing the similarities in our DNA with primates and between Indian and African elephants. Even though humans share about 99.2 percent of their DNA with primates as opposed to just 98.6 between the two elephant species, it is the conditioning of our brain a la food that makes us closer – either to the chimpanzees, thus hot headed and individualistic – or the bonobos, thus familial. Madhavan’s motivation speech focused on enjoying every moment of our lives including mundane activities like eating – with carefree abandon and devoid of stress.


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