Here Is a Very Easy Way to Tell The Difference About Your MiFi and WiFi


Here Is a Very Easy Way to Tell The Difference About Your MiFi and WiFi

We most of the people know that some of you confuse these seemingly similar terms when you talk about Mifi and Wifi. You sometimes think the basic difference is just “M” and “W” only, but these two things are somehow different if you talk about “Orange” and “Apple”, but those are fruit. Let us dive deep to know more about these two latest technologies. Wifi is nothing but a wireless technology or a network standard that devices use to interact with each other without any cable or wire. Whether your device is WiFi compatible, it mean, it can wirelessly interact without other Wifi compatible devices.

When and Why to Choose Mifi and Wifi

A perfect example is a smartphone or Laptop. Your smartphone must have a WiFi chip in the inside of your device that helps you connect or interact, upload and download important data to a wireless hotspot. The same thing goes for your Laptop for sure. It is not an application, and you cannot download WiFi. WiFi is nothing but a network or a signal that helps connect your device surfing or browsing internet. You could call it as a modem or a router, but both the describe what a MiFi is. Even a MiFi is a 3G or 4G portable, high standard battery powered router, these days most of the people believe mi-fi replaces Wifi.

Comparison Between Mifi and Wifi

Wifi is a wireless network, better to say a high standard network, while a Mifi is a perfectly designed internet device, but Mifi sometimes has Wifi built in them. Even, Mifi is used widely with the Wifi standard to share the internet with your other devices as well. On the other hand, Mifi does not support mobile data technologies, like 3G or 4G LTE. This is way, Mifi is capable of picking the mobile data from your telecom provider. So, here you have it, the difference between Wifi and Mifi, sometimes called hand Wifi.

Advantages of Using Mifi and Wifi

Now you tech geek buddy would not laugh his head off in the time you say you want to buy the MTN Uganda Wifi in lieu of saying Mifi. Whether you have any further questions, do not be shy to ask us on our comment section. Now we will tell you the benefits of using Wifi and the advantages of using Mifi. Let us have a look the benefits of Wifi.

There are many benefits of using Wifi, here we have discussed the major three benefits. Let us see at a glance. Mifi and Wifi

  • Global Accessibility – Wifi allows users to stay connected for long hours without any interruption, no cord or cable is required to connect the network and get the access. It is somehow global in terms of accessibility. You can use anywhere you like, office, home, the coffee shop down on the street, sitting in the restaurant on the other side of the country. The majority of electronic devices these days are sold capable to Wifi. The greatest part of it is a network that you can use anywhere in the world.
  • Ease of communication – Wifi is not only convenient but also popular in masses, because of its speed and easy accessibility. It supports roaming, so it allows users to stay connected all the time for business or individual needs. Wifi promotes productivity at the highest possible level that other wireless technologies hardly provide these days.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Albeit, the investment of wireless network is economical, particularly in comparison to the wired cables, sometimes hard to install as well as manage. On the other hand, Wifi allows your business to quick install and use anywhere, anytime you like to or need to. The facility is secure enough that supports all your organisation’s employees.

It is likely that most of you may have found that Mifi dongle adds by different mobile broadband service providers these days and certainly called hand Wifi. Whether you have, you might be wondering what the device normally is and how it can give benefits to you. Let us make it very clear, it is nothing but a dongle or a small device that helps you broaden the range of your mobile broadband.


  • There are many different benefits of using Mifi, here we have discussed the major three benefits. Let us see at a glance.
  • Ease and Convenience – The Mifi dongle is a plethora of benefits or advantages that you need know. The major benefits will depend on the mobile broadband connection at present you are using. The MiFi dongle has increased the level of ease and convenience. The connection speed of the incorporate broadband is very high.
  • Good Even Electricity Outrage – The connection should have the data, speed as well as stability to enable the Mifi technology. It will connect to a 3G or 4G broadband connection and then transmit wireless signals.The MiFi dongle is highly capable of connecting to multiple devices at the same time. Unlike other massive use home broadband connections, the MiFi dongle is good to operate even whether you experience an electricity shortage in any place.
  • Easily Works Via Wireless Signals – The dongle does not need to be attached or connected to your personal computer via a USB port. It can easily work via wireless signals and, once connected to the mobile broadband, it is very easy to send these signals to a number of different devices.The Mifi dongle permits you for more and more storage space with the enough availability of the micro SD card. If you have a mobile broadband with a Mifi device would be somehow cheaper than using smartphone data plans. However, the maximum number of devices that can manage off this dongle type is not more than five.

Now the question certainly comes in your mind – why should you buy a hotspot in the time you can just tether to your phone? This is certainly a wise but easy question to answer. And here in this article, we have given all those things that could possibly tell your answer. Using a hotspot these days, certainly have some advantages, not only for speed and efficiency but also for other reasons. The two important reasons are convenience and affordability that only Mifi can give you, due to the reasons the greater number of people these days, especially who are tech nerd believe MiFi replaces Wifi and it is changing the world of internet connectivity rapidly and efficiently.

It is said, simplifying your life usually means carrying less gadgets with you all the time, particularly whether you have one item that can really pull double the duty. Moreover, a mobile hotspot does have some benefits over tethering to your smartphone.


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