The Cicret Bracelet turns your arm as a new tablet.

Cicret bracelet


The Cicret Bracelet turns your arm into a new tablet.

How the Cicret bracelet turns your arm into a new tablet. Mobile, in the present scenario, is an essential device in everyone’s hand.The Cicret bracelet in the market brings about a revolution for every new arrival.People have the alacrity to seek new models released in the market. Android phones are user-friendly. The phonic market intends to reach users with innovative ideas and new technology to attract the buyers. It is a new milestone in the technology world where people can use the smartphone on their skin.

Smartphones have taken over a calculator, computer and all electronic gadgets. Mobile technology has taken its business in its own stride. Up gradation of technology in phones has brought about a remarkable change in the field of communication.

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Essentiality of Cicret bracelet:

Points we should know about Cicret bracelet

  1. Mobile phones have leapt into the new era of technology intercourse that paves an exorbitant pathway in communications.
  2. It is a portable device that a user fixes on to the arms to use.
  3. The Cicret bracelet is immersed into the skin and is used with ease.
  4. The device is a water resistant.
  5. It works both on iPhone and android.
  6. It enhances the technology of mobile phone with greater efficiency.
  7. The device is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  8. The device is not supported with any device, it is standalone.


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