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The Man Behind  kickmonkey  Anil Krishna 

Anil krishna  About Anil Krishna (That’s me)  ?

A blogger, Digital Marketing Enthusiast and Tech Geek.As a blogger, my goal is to provide more valuable information regarding latest technology, Entertainment, Yoga & Meditation, Lifestyle and Funny Videos etc. Which can help as much as readers in different sections like yoga & meditation and much, much more? I love technology, so I will update new technologies coming in the world.


About Kickmonkey: 

The blog Kickmonkey, an online platform for all you need in one place. It offers information on travel, yoga, meditation, health and fitness, food, technology, entertainment, latest videos and much, much more you love or read and share.

Technology: Get all new technology updates at Kickmonkey.com. You like to read more about latest and upcoming gadgets that make the world a smart world. The trends of getting latest gadgets are like a fever spread around the world. This is, though a great trend among the other trends. You will come to know all about smart gadgets, like mobile phone, tablets, camera, iPhone, iPads, Phablets, desktop computers, laptops and more updates and news that cater the need of mostly tech nerd people. If you like to read articles written on all new gadgets, smart world and trends that are changing the world day-by-day then you must visit kickmonkey.com one of the leading blogs discusses all the above things that you hover search internet and hardly get a few on a single platform. Read, share and comments on our blogs for one or multiple articles you like.

Entertainment: Most of us like to read topics, blogs, updates and news on entertainment. Millions of people search the Internet every day search to read trending topics, topics related to celebrities and most of them like to watch funny videos. If you are one of them who like to read trending topics, celebrity gossips, and sphere time watching funny videos, then Kickmonkey.com is the best place for you. You will get to know all such things under one platform. All topics on trending and celebrities are authentic that have been collected, freshly written but our highly qualified content writer and presented for our millions of online readers. There have been many funny videos you come across, but have you ever laughed, laughed and laughed, if not then visit kickmonkey.com to watch funny videos and continue laughing. You will surely love to visit here for more information that updates on a regular basis on the ‘said’ topics.

Lifestyle: Today’s people are crazy about lifestyle. Crazy about travel, crazy about exercise, many of them like to do yoga & meditation to stay healthy and fit. Millions of people these days like to follow the traditional ways of exercise for health & fitness. Most of them like to visit and read food & recipes blog and do apply their home. If you are one of them, then kickmonkey.com is the best place for you. One of the leading and most trusted blog online that has been providing authentic information written by qualified and knowledgeable web journalist on travel for travellers and lovers of the natural world. Topics and trends on yoga & meditation, people who like to get information on health & fitness as well as food & recipes for people who like to taste new food and cook new recipes. Get to know more about kickmonkey.com? Visit our blog and enjoy reading articles.

Videos: Who does not like to watch funny videos? Almost all the people! A majority of people are there in the world who like to watch motivational videos and trending videos, that help them a lot in making life-journey more comfortable and smooth. If you are one of the people who is looking for the same, then kickmonkey.com is the place for you, where you find three major categories videos, one is on motivational videos, the second is on trending videos and finally the funny videos that everyone likes to watch. We do update all new motivation, trending and funny videos that you probably like and spend watching for hours and hours. It is used to watching these videos. You need not visit anywhere or search motivational videos or trending videos, just visit our site – kickmonkey.com and browse the section, watch videos you like and enjoy.