10 Simple yet Empowering Writing Apps For Your Mac

Writing Apps For Your Mac

Empowering Writing Apps For Your Mac:

Writing Apps For Your Mac. Writing is an old form of art and creative profession for many today. Whether you are a blog writer or journalist, time is money for everyone. The key difference between the old and new writing is a switch from pen and paper to computer. Saving time is as important as being creative at work for any effective writer. When you are using a computer to expose your writing tools to the world, why not make use of some effective tools that crafted for writers to help them stay productive and save more time as well.  Here is a list of 10 simple apps for the Mac users that help them finish the work faster organise them effectively and share them easily.

Writing Apps For Your Mac:


This app can be used on all the three products iPhone, iPad and Mac.  The app is designed to help the writer organise the documents, sync them effectively and share them in a span of seconds. Managing your projects becomes quite easy with the app and you can work anywhere and anytime.  The app has multiple benefits; you can use it as a journal, keep notes and serve as a word processor and much more. After you create a document, you can easily export it to PDF, TXT, HTML, DOCX, RTF, Markdown and ePub formats

i Writer

This app comes with the special feature of syntax control that helps to keep harmony between all verbs, adjectives and pronunciation in the text. Synchronising and scrolling feature in the app lets you view the content without any distraction. Focus Mode on the app leaves to concentrate on the current sentence making your work easy.


As the name goes this app is mostly used by the screenwriters and works well when you need to combine different sources of the article or book review.  The app helps you glance through main functions with the help of interactive tutorial and help you get started.


This app is designed to give the user ability to sync the files between iPhone, iPad and Mac.  The app gives the writer Markdown support with all cross-references and footnotes.


Write is an app designed for your Mac book. This app works best when you need to save quotes, themes, ideas and sources for your blog or article. To organise your saved sources in an effective way, tag them and try out Dropbox synchronisation.


This is a must have app for writers, it is a word processor available for both PC and cloud so, it allows both users to collaborate while working on the document. The app allows you to see who is working on the doc currently with you.  It also syncs with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 60 templates are available on the app are used to create reports, posters cards.


This write room app provides your writing environment with full screen and little interface to help you avoid distraction while working. Additional features included in the app are counting words, reading time and switch them.


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