YouTubers Will No Longer Make Money Until They Hit 10,000 Lifetime Views


YouTubers Will No Longer Make Money Until They Hit 10,000 Lifetime Views

YouTube Announced They Will No Longer Permit Creators to Make Money Until They Reach 10,000 Views. YouTube has come up with a new announcement. Do you know what the announcement is? Yes, it is an important announcement for YouTube channel creators. It has recently announced that no individual will allow making money via YouTube if their video does not get at least 10,000 visitors. Now you must be thinking this is not a fair thing. How would be able to get a number of visitors they are asking? Is not a big deal of getting more than 10,000 visitors for the first time? The questions are hovering in your mind is true, but the deal is a deal and to make the YouTube channel more relevant and user-friendly they have come up this announcement.

The New Rule by YouTube for Channel Creators: Youtubers


According to them 10,000 views for creators channel not for the purpose of the individual video, the greater number of people think, it is fair for the reasons YouTube gave. Let us see how it could be fair for the creators’ channel.

You must know 5 years before YouTube had just opened their partner program to everybody. Yes, that was really a big deal in the online industry and it meant that anybody could sign up for the sake of service; you could start uploading the videos and start making money at the same time. That was one of the best models YouTube has made to grow into the web’s biggest and strongest video platform that no one has started at that time, but it has also led to few problems. Albeit, this model helped YouTube a giant in video sharing one of the leading and most trusted video platforms.

YouTubers Will No Longer Make Money Until They Hit 10,000 Lifetime Views:

Is It Really Painful Getting 10,000 Views for youtubers

These days, people are creating accounts and they are welcome by YouTube, but the important thing they should keep in mind is getting not less than 10,000 views, often big record labels or sometimes movie studios, and sometimes you see the most popular YouTube creators at the same time. You probably have come to know the new rule has set by YouTube, and you also come to the conclusion that they have done the right thing. Though many new channel creators will suffer a lot but be a new one, you should think and set a strategy before you create a channel and try promoting it, better to say when you think to earn money from your video channels via YouTube.

Is it a Great Move By YouTube?

Beyond doubt, it is a great move by YouTube, along with the protection and creations on their services partially and completely. YouTube is not only showed immense protection and user-friendliness to their users but also given a timeline and margin to the users or creators before they understand how to and when you get the views more than or not less than 10,000. This is somehow a new rule most of the people think and they might face a boom with it. But if you are a serious online entrepreneur then this would be any issue.


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