What happens when a person dies? After Death An Excellent Speech Through the Eyes of a Mystic

The physical body of all animal creatures, especially the accumulated body is not capable of supporting life for some reason, maybe the reason is for old age, diseases or ailments or even injury for sometimes or something.

The broken body or if you did break the body, the physical element either by accident or taking drugs or whatsoever the death occurs. This is though the fundamental of death. Sadguru has described all things in a concise manner that everybody should listen and know what is like, death and after death.

DEATH is like SLEEP!! No one has ANY IDEA or remembers anything that has happened during sleep. The only thing you remember next is waking up. So, in the case of death, it’s a PERMANENT SLEEP!

What happens when a person dies?

There are three states of reality we are in. Dreaming waking and deep sleep. In dreaming you’re also working out your karma. Waking is what you should be fully aware of. Deep sleep you’re merged with god unconsciously but still a veil of ignorance/desires which prevent you from being liberated. It’s a state of singularity with a thin covering.

This is why we feel so energised right after. If you experience deep sleep “consciously” that is when you are liberated from bondage. What Christ, Buddha and others have attained.


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