Tree of Life Swami Gaur Gopal Prabhu- Inspiring Speech


Tree of Life Swami Gaur Gopal Prabhu- Inspiring Speech

The goal of life varies from person to person – ranging from pursuing material wealth to ensuring security for the family. However, the real happiness comes from having a spiritual connect, which basically means leading a life of helping others. In a discourse called the Tree of Life’, Swami Gaur Gopal Prabhu from ISKCON explained how a human life can be compared to a tree that is, consisting of three parts – roots, trunk and crown. According to Swamiji, if the roots are strong and deep the tree can withstand even a cyclone, whereas if the roots are short the tree can wobble or get uprooted when a strong gust of wind hits it. Thus, by using the analogy of a tree Swamiji impressed upon the audience the need to have a strong spiritual connect to withstand the vagaries of life.

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Strengthen Your Spiritual Connect

The Swami elucidated the analogy by recalling two instances from his life. In the first, he had accompanied a rich businessman on a drive when the latter had bought a Lamborghini. Surprisingly for Swamiji, notwithstanding the material wealth, the personal life of the businessman was in tatters. Thus, even though the world saw his wealth and success, no one saw his inner distress. In the second instance when Swamiji’s father had expired, one of his family members blamed him for the demise. Later on, when Swamiji was disturbed over this terrible insinuation he was advised by his guru to hold the reins of his life himself instead of allowing others to dictate. In the ultimate analysis, Swamiji illustrated the concept of ‘Tree of life’ as mentioned below –

Tree of Life In Three sentences:

  • Deeper the roots stronger the trunk
  • Stronger the trunk bigger the crown
  • Bigger the crown more the flowers, fruits and shade

In other words, the human life should be like a tree with strong roots – purposeful and helpful for others.



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