Never give up on life- Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Fantastic person, you have ever seen- Nick Vujicic 

It is often observed that a lot of people succumb to depression when faced with the challenges of life. And it isn’t easy for everyone to just shrug off the challenges and get on with life, for the chalice of motivation is not accessible to everyone. The video by Nick Vujicic is indeed an eye opener for it inspired people to fight off challenges that life has to offer. Diagnosed with tetra-amelia syndrome – a congenital condition where a baby is born without limbs, Nick didn’t have a normal childhood.

Nick Vujicic

During his growing up years, Nick used to be ridiculed, bullied and pitied by peers and the society at large. Consequent to such negativity and indifference to his condition, he became lonely and indulged in self-deprecation. Over a period of time, he was a tormented soul that hated everything about him.

It would have been easy for him to go downhill from there but as it is said, ‘when the going gets tough the tough gets going.’

Never Give Up: 

As time ticked away, Nick Vujicic turned around from that hopeless situation and began to pick up the pieces of his life. With absolute grit, courage and determination, he turned his adversity into the strength by becoming a motivational speaker. While delivering a speech to the students and teachers, as shown in the video, Nick Vujicic told the audience to keep trying to overcome the odds in life.

According to him, the absence of limbs could not break his spirit as he doggedly tried to do simple chores that normal people would not even blink while doing. He advocated students to get rid of pessimism and not let others judge them. The students were told not to steer the direction of their lives based on the opinion of others but to do what they thought was right. It’s worth mentioning that his cheerful disposition and the right attitude to life brought a smile on everyone’s visage.


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