LiFi Can Change the Internet World Boasts Its Speed 100 Times Faster to WiFi- Lifi vs Wifi

LiFi Vs Wi-Fi

LiFi Can Change the Internet World Boasts Its Speed 100 Times Faster to WiFi- LiFi Vs Wi-Fi:

Have you heard of LiFi internet? Do you know it can change the internet world? Thinking, how it can change the world of the internet? Yes, it is. LiFi internet is a first real world usage that boasts the speed of 100 times faster than today’s Wi-Fi. You have already heard about Wi-Fi, and now you need to hear about this latest wireless technology. You may be more curious about LiFi, but it is in the nascent stage, people are waiting for its final arrival in the market. It is said that this latest wireless LiFi technology would change the way we use the internet.

How Is LiFi Wireless Technology

  • According to the technologists, LiFi is much faster than existing Wi-Fi technology, says 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. It is more energy efficient and potential much more secure compared to Wi-Fi technology.

Mind Boggling Speed Faster than Wi-Fi: LiFi Vs Wi-Fi

LiFi or Li-Fi technology is Light Fidelity, is all on a sudden the hot news these days, because an Estonian organisation named Velmenni has been conducted a real world test, where they have been able to transfer data between smart devices at 1 Gbps. They have roughly calculated it was 100 times faster than Wi-Fi technology in the real world scenario. It was also found in the Lab test that the fastest speed was 224 -225 Gbps! The astonishing news is that it works with the simple power of light only.

News Spread Around the World: LiFi Vs Wi-Fi

The innovator or LiFi wireless technology, Professor Harald Haas, associated with the University of Edinburgh, claimed that in the near future every LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulb could be utilised as an ultra-fast alternative to Wi-Fi technology. He also added that today’s infrastructure is quite suitable for the proper integration of LiFi technology.

Different Between LiFi and Wi-Fi

While most of us might think that LiFi with its 224-225 Gigabytes per second will push Wi-Fi in the far dust, and it would be the best choice for all, who live and wake with wireless technology. However, there are something that needs to be understood differentiating LiFi from Wi-Fi and then you will come to know which one is better and can grab the future’s attention.

LiFi Vs Wi-Fi:

  • LiFi is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, but the signals can’t pass through the walls, so if one wants to enjoy the full connectivity of LiFi, he or she needs to set up the capable LED bulbs throughout the home.

  • To get the connectivity one needs to have light bulbs on all the times, day in and day out. Whereas you do not need to do it if you use Wi-Fi and even it can pass anyway.

  • If the light bulbs are limited then the connectivity will lack, so an extension of standard wireless connectivity named Wi-Fi HaLow is yet to come.

  • The Wi-Fi HaLow is perfect for the purpose of battery powered smart devices and gives double the range of connectivity.

  • If the data transfer happens in short range, Li-Fi is greater than Wi-Fi. It is secure in longer and shorter range as well.

Last, but certainly not the least, LiFi Vs Wi-Fi cannot be considered perfect, because the latest LiFi has some drawbacks, so in the research mode and the present Wi-Fi also, but the future of wireless technology is getting more faster with Li-Fi for sure, because the faster connectivity and data transfer will boost the business performance as well.


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