Kuttanadan Punjayile – Kerala Boat Song (Vidya Vox English Remix)


Kuttanadan Punjayile – Kerala Boat Song (Vidya Vox English Remix)

The video takes viewers near the backwaters of scenic Kerala and depicts Kuttanadan Punjayile – Kerala Boat Song duly fused with English lyrics written by team Vidya Vox. The dancing duo of Sreenidhi and Sreedevi added tempo as well as visual appeal to the whole song and dance presentation. The video features the lead singer, also a YouTube sensation of her own, Vidya Iyer along with Shankar Tucker, the American clarinettist and composer, and Jomy George.

In recent years, the Indian-born American singer Vidya Iyer has become a YouTube sensation of sorts with her popular Vidya Vox English videos being viewed by millions.

Beautiful Vidya Vox:


She has explained her interest to create mashup videos to her mixed upbringing that enveloped two distinct cultural strains of Carnatic classical and Western music. As an exponent of Bharatnatyam, Vidya Iyer got introduced to Shankar Tucker during her college days, and together they have created online magic. Vidya Vox Mashup videos are fantastic which are viewed by millions of fans around the world.

Kuttanadan Punjayile – Kerala Boat Song:

The song Kuttanadan Punjayile is from Indian Malayalam film, “Kavalam Chundan” directed by J. Sasikumar and produced by VPM Manikkam very which was released on 1967. This song was very famous in good olden days and even now it has the good name because of the singer Dr K J Yesudas.



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