How To Perceive Career- Inspirational Speech By R. Madhavan

How To Perceive Career

How To Perceive Career- Inspirational Speech By R. Madhavan

‘The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war,’ is the adage that even though seems relevant to the defence forces, makes sense for anyone from any walk of life. In fact, in order to achieve success in life one needs to choose the right career option, which in turn depends on two factors:

  • Opportunities
  • Preparations

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Life does offer opportunities and it is up to the person to identify and grab them with all passion and sincerity. However, notwithstanding the opportunities knocking on someone’s door, the chances of grabbing those arise only if the person is fully prepared. The point was lucidly explained by R. Madhavan, noted actor and motivational speaker at a seminar. He made it clear to the audience that in order to grab an opportunity one should possess situational awareness. This basically meant everyone should be aware of the situation around them such that should opportunities come knocking people should be in a position to identify them. And the situational awareness need not be only about helping oneself but helping others as well. For example, a student on seeing a teacher struggling while carrying a stack of books can offer help.

How To Perceive Career:

Mr R. Madhavan emphasised that when a career goal has chosen the requirements to fulfil the same should begin in right earnest as well. Thus, people with career goals should focus on aspects such as personality development, which would include enhancing one’s communications skills, looking into the eye of someone and developing a posture of confidence. Mr Madhavan backed his speech by recalling how he helped in grooming a few engineers from Kolhapur to get prestigious jobs in companies like Tata Steel and Kirloskar. Interestingly, these engineers were not able to get past the job interview stage earlier on account of their apparent lack of communications skills.



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