How to overcome all odds in life- Inspiring Speech by R. Madhavan

How to overcome all odds in life

Inspiring Speech noted actor and motivational speaker, R. Madhavan:

The canvas of life is filled with successes as well as failures where both teach us in one way or the other. How to overcome all odds in life? The mantra of life should not mean success turn someone gloats with arrogance or failure weigh down someone into despondency and negativity. Similar sentiments were expressed by the noted actor and motivational speaker, R. Madhavan at a seminar that was attended by students.On being asked how he overcame odds in his life, Madhavan retorted the above-mentioned mantra wherein he moved on to learning something new consequent to a success or failure. His take on life was to accept success or failure with equanimity, and learn from each experience that life threw at him.

Madhavan drew from his own experiences as a movie maker when he was let down or almost boxed into a corner by sceptics. He cited two of his movies – Saala Khadoos and Tanu weds Manu when the so called ‘experts’ reasoned with him not to embark on such projects. They projected the outcome of doom should he dared to make these movies. As the script of the former movie entailed showing a female boxer being mentored by the actor who, according to naysayers, was past his prime, the outcome was pre-judged as a failure. Similarly, the script of the latter, Tanu weds Manu was discouraged as well, for it had a love story that was rooted in the Indian milieu – a far cry from the candy floss romances depicted in contemporary movies.


Madhavan categorically asserted that one should follow his or her heart while pursuing a goal, for the success thus earned, would bring real contentment – professionally and personally. And while following the dream one should not be perturbed or let down by naysayers. According to Madhavan, one should not allow naysayers to determine one’s course in life but chart one of his/ her own with conviction.


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