How To Make Difficult choices In Life – Gaur Gopal Das

How To Make Difficult choices In Life

An Excellent Real Life Story of a Girl Teaches Us How to Make Difficult Choices in Life:

Whether you, me or someone else or anybody ever has to make a very, very difficult and strong choice in life, like the girl who had molested. The girl was just 19 years old and was pregnant. She was suffering from an acute trauma, the trauma that an individual like you or me had given her.

One or more may have been molted her, but she is living in a life path that has very difficult consequences. We as the human being should not harm other, be it human or other animals in the earth. It is said by the great sages, monks and other great philosophers that life is very precious, yes it is everyone’s life for sure.

How To Make Difficult choices In Life – Gaur Gopal Das

The choice of life sometimes called very difficult choices and Gaur Gopal Das has shown to us with the real life story of a girl, who story makes us sad and our tears rain down. Sometimes it is very difficult to take decisions in our life, Where life becomes very hard in few situations. How To Make Difficult choices In Life, If any Difficult situation arrives whichever choice you make will come with a consequence and you have to accept that consequence, you have to willing to adopt that consequence and if you are ready for that consequence to make that choice and bare it.

If you are facing many complicated situations there is a simple and powerful tool to use, when you are talking about making a choice way the consequences and just decide which of the consequences you are okay to bare, Moral dilemmas are Okay to solve because they are between good and bad, ethical dilemmas are hard to solve because they are between bad and bad and good and good. Always we have to remember we will have to make one choice in life.


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