Google Assistant Has Come Up to Many More Android Phones


Google Assistant:

Google Assistant Has Come Up to Many More Android Phones

Google Assistant is nothing but an intelligent individual assistant developed by Google itself. It was announced at Google I/O on May 2016, just one year back from now. Unlike the renowned Google Now, the Google Assistant can easily engage and in two different ways for conversation. This is one of the most popular assistants that is presently integrated into the Google Home device, such as Allo app, Google’s Pixel as well as Google’s Android Wear. Google is thinking to include it in the near future versions of Android Television and Android Auto.google_assistant_features_1476349663824
Let us see the history or Google Assistant. Around the time, when Google Home was started spreading the rumour in the month of March 2016 as well as announced on the night of May 2016, Google all on a sudden announced Assistant with other high-end services, software as well as applications. By the end of May 2016 Google did assign Google Doodle leader Ryan Germick and at the same time hired former Pixar animator named Emma Coats to develop something about personality.


It Supports all Android mobile phones

It not only supports more than one language at a time but also featured with strong third party integration easily and smoothly. Google Assistant is a smart solution compared to Google Now. It can assist one control or manage the entire digital life, more than the Google life. Google, the search engine giant knows what to the product, how to produce, and according to that they discover, innovate and create the best things possible and Google Assistant is the fruit of it for sure. Google Assistant is a bit similar to Google Now, which allows one to ask a question and get the answer instantly. It is the most significant announcement made by Google.


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